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United Nations application under consideration. Your Guide to Understanding Application Results in 2024

United Nations application is under consideration. Wondering about your United Nations application status? Learn what each status means in Inspira, the UN’s application portal. Whether it’s ‘Draft’ indicating an unfinished application or ‘Applied’ meaning your application is being screened, this guide provides clarity on your journey toward roster placement.

Stay informed about your application progress and increase your chances of success with insights from the UN’s application process.

United Nations application under consideration. Your Guide to Understanding Application Results in 2024

In the employment of its staff, the United Nations strives to meet the highest standards of efficiency, competence and integrity to deliver on its promise in achieving the goals of peace, inclusive sustainable development and human rights for all. Consultants, individual contractors, interns and United Nations Volunteers are also engaged to support various aspects of the organization’s work.

Application results and roster placement

Checking application status

Applicants may check the status of their application in Inspira by clicking My Applications. Each status has the following meaning:

• Draft means the applicant has started a draft application but has not submitted it.

• Applied means the applicant has just applied to the job opening and the application is being screened through Inspira.

• Under Consideration means the application has been screened by Inspira, and the recruitment process is on-going.

• Recruitment Completed means the process has been completed with the selection of another applicant.

• Rostered means the applicant was recommended for the job opening although he or she was not selected.

• Selected means the applicant was selected for the job opening.

• Filled from Roster means a rostered applicant was selected.

• JO Cancelled means the job opening was cancelled.

Application result:

Applicants who are selected for job openings are notified by e-mail. Selected applicants must confirm their continued interest and availability via e-mail within five business days of the notification. If no confirmation is received within five business days, another applicant may be selected.

Application result:

All applicants who are recommended for selection and roster placement for job openings and generic job openings, including the selected applicants, are placed on the roster, which is a pool of preapproved candidates for subsequent job openings at the same level and with similar functions.

However, placement on the roster is no guarantee of a future selection or appointment. The scope of the roster may change as determined appropriate by the United Nations Office of Human Resources in the Department of Management Strategy, Policy and Compliance.

Roster candidates receive an invitation to apply when job openings are advertised where they are preapproved for selection.

Roster candidates are encouraged to apply as early as possible because the hiring managers may select roster candidates during the posting period for the job opening.

To view roster memberships and details including the level, status, membership start date and associated job titles, click My Roster Memberships at the top of the Inspira home page.

Candidates may withdraw from the roster or put their roster membership on hold on this page. Once candidates withdraw themselves from a roster, the roster membership cannot be reinstated.

. In My Roster Memberships page, applicants will also see currently available job openings to which they may apply as roster candidates.

Visit the official UN website here to understand more about the United Nations application status. Or download the application guide here:

Apply for UN Careers Here

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